Explanation of Fees

Medicaid or Veteran Benefit Planning with Asset Protection

Our complete fees range from $2,800 - $3,600, based on the complexity of the case.

  • We charge modest flat fees based on necessary asset restructuring in order to meet the financial eligibility requirements for the available benefits.

First we offer a FREE telephone consultation to learn about you and your family's needs to determine if we can help you. Then we schedule an appointment with you in your home to review the community options that will meet your health needs while still preserving your assets.

  • A retainer fee of $850 is paid at this 1st visit and will be deducted from final fee.

After our initial consultation meeting, our clients are provided with all the relevant long-term care planning strategies that are tailored for their unique situations. Our fees are paid directly by our clients. 

We are NOT compensated by any organization and we do not sell any products. We do NOT receive any commissions on investment products.

We are social workers and advocates for our clients. We explore all of the possibilities on your behalf to help you qualify for these entitlement programs. We provide access to an eldercare attorney, and appropriate community referrals will be made as needed.

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