Frequently Asked Questions

My parents or grandparents live in Florida and are in need of assistance, but I am out of state. Can you still help me?

We understand that planning can involve multiple family members. Many of our clients and their families are located all over the United States. For Medicaid, only the patient receiving the benefit must reside in Florida. The
Veteran Benefit is a federal program so we can assist clients with this program regardless of where the veteran or widow lives.

Conference calls and other forms of communication can be set up to keep all members of the family up to date. Any information that is required to complete the process can often be done via fax and email.

How do I determine what type of care is needed?

The least restrictive environment is generally recommended. Our goal is to enable the elderly person to remain in his/her home as long as possible. In the event that a Long Term Care facility is needed we work with the family to determine placement based on personal finances, location and family support.

How long will it take to get benefits?

The timetable for each program is different. For Veterans Benefits, the application process takes approximately 6 months from the time the application is received at the VA until benefits are awarded; however this benefit is retroactive.

For the Medicaid Waiver Program the processing time is directly related to funding. If the program is fully funded, the processing time takes about 6 months. When the funding becomes limited, a person must wait for a “funding slot” to come available.

The ICP benefit can often be completed in 4-6 weeks. In some instances, this funding can also be retroactive.

I have a loved one in need of a nursing home right away! What do I do?

Ideally, the more time we have to plan the more options we are able to provide our clients with in order to meet the financial eligibility. The average processing time for Medicaid ICP benefits is 4-6 weeks. Contact us right away so we can work to get the application in the system as soon as possible.

Why should I use Long Term Care Consulting Service instead of a financial firm who will provide this service for “free”?

Recently, financial planners and insurance agents have begun programs to help veterans and their families qualify for veterans benefits for “free”. In lieu of charging the veterans a fee, they receive large commissions from the annuity products they sell. In many cases, purchasing these annuities is NOT the best solution for the families.

We are social workers and advocates for our clients to explore ALL the possibilities to qualify for these entitlement programs. We are not compensated by any organization and we do not sell any products.

How do your fees work?

Our fees are paid directly by our clients. After our initial consultation meeting, our clients are provided all the relevant long-term care planning strategies that are tailored for their unique situations. We don’t charge by the hour; our services are flat fees based on necessary asset restructuring in order to meet the financial eligibility requirements for the available benefits. Also, we do not receive any commissions on investment products. We are SOLELY an advocate for our client families.

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