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Long Term Care Consulting Service, Inc. has been helping South Florida families with Veterans Benefits and Medicaid Planning since 1982. We provide a personalized service that assists our clients with:

  • Identifying which benefit programs are available based on their individual needs


  • How to financially qualify for these programs while protecting as many assets as possible

About Us

Veterans Benefits

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Medicaid Eligibility

Click to see if you qualify for Medicaid Benefits for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

Veterans Eligibility

Click to see if you qualify for the Aid & Attendance Pension.

Top Mistakes to Avoid

Many people make the following mistakes when developing their long term plan.

Like many government programs, the application process for Veterans Benefits and Medicaid is not easy and is not easily explained. It is crucial to become educated on the qualifications and procedures BEFORE applying for benefits. Any mistakes during the application process can cause delays or even rejection of benefits.

We are social workers and we are experts in entitlement programs. As advocates for our clients, we help educate them on all the workable alternatives that are available to them. Being aware of what is available is the first step toward being prepared.

Long Term Care Consulting Service, Inc. is a personalized service that will help a spouse or family identify and negotiate aging services. In addition to providing referrals for various community support services, we also offer our clients legal services provided by an elder care attorney, Robert D. Schwartz.

Joanne Gerard, M.S.W., C.M.C.

Joanne Gerard, M.S.W. is the owner and founder of Long Term Care Consulting Service. Established in 1982, Long Term Care Consulting was the first agency in South Florida to focus specifically on Entitlement Programs and Benefit Planning.

Ms. Gerard received her M.S.W. with honors from Florida International University in 1983. Her 30-year Social Work background includes work in Adult Day Care and Hospital Social Services. She has served as chairperson for FL State District X Long Term Care Ombudsmen Council and was on the executive board of the Alzheimer Association for many years.

Recognized for her expertise, Ms. Gerard has frequently appeared as a featured speaker throughout the area, covering subjects ranging from Community Options to Medicaid and Veteran Benefit Planning.

Kimberly Gerard, M.S.W.

Kimberly Gerard has been with Long Term Care Consulting since 2004. Originally from Indiana, she holds an undergraduate degree from Indiana University and received a Masters degree in Social Work from FAU. Her background includes experience with Skilled Nursing Homes, Hospice and special training with dementia specific issues. She currently facilitates an Alzheimer’s support group and continues to volunteer her time to Alzheimer’s Community Care and the Alzheimer’s Association.